Let me tell you how we are different than other shops. To do that I have to explain a few things that are often looked over easily. I will tell you that we use the best materials on the market but what does that really mean to you? There are alot of names in the wrap industry that make wrap films, the biggest being 3M and Avery Dennison. We opt to use Avery products because we like how they act for us during installation and the durability they provide for longevity. The base layer is called the substrate. Avery makes a great substrate because it flexes easily and holds its form when post heated.  The second is the lamination layer. We only use UV resistant and self healing lamination. The layer in between the two is the ink layer.


Now there are two different methods for printing ink. The first one is called eco- solvent. It’s a dated and complex process but essentially the ink painted in a thick application. If you have ever set a pen on a piece of paper and watched the ink spread out, that is similar effect to how an eco-solvent applies the ink. Just like a tattoo, the ink has to take days to dry. It is easy to scratch and not durable. The printer we use costs $25,000 because of its method similar to a laser printer on paper works, and dries instantly so there are no errors. It applies what we would say is a stretchy ink so it’s made to be manipulated and hold a position while staying sharp.  The effect of using a Latex printer is more durability, but more importantly since we are printing graphics with it is that it can print high quality, meaning: more colors, sharper colors, and finer details.


When we put the Avery Substrate and the high quality lamination together we get a product that we call SuperCast. See most other companies out there that wrap vehicles are sign shops at heart. As we know signs are flat so the material they use is meant to be applied to flat surfaces. Since vehicles are not flat, this material will not last. Most companies go the cheap route and go with the lowest priced company but little do they know they are really paying for a cheaper, less superior product. SuperCast is specifically designed to be put on vehicles. There are convexes, concavities, recessed channels and edges that the material is wrapped around. SuperCast is expensive because besides the superior layers, it is also temperature stable. Like clothes thrown in a dryer, film can shrink when it gets warm and cold if it is not specifically designed to be wrap film. Every wrap can look good a day or a week out of the wrap shop regardless of price. Where we start to see a difference in quality is about a year after installation. A cheap film that most sign shops use will start to shrink and peel off the corners which allows moisture to then get under the film, resulting in the film literally starting to flail up while cruising down the road. Our films will stay on your vehicles roughly for about 5-7 years. This means you are only wrapping your vehicle once every 5 years, where it will look just as new as it did the day that you got it done. Not fading, not peeling, no problems. 


Comparing ourselves once again, the film we use only works as it is supposed to if it is installed correctly. We are not flat panel sign guys trying to install on complex curves that vehicles have. Our job is specifically vehicle wraps. This guarantees that all of the film is overlapped correctly, seamed right and most importantly post heated to insure that the film will withstand going down the road at highway speeds. We are so sure of our work that we will warranty all of our products and work. 


To make this make sense for your business. Pay once every 5 years for a sharp looking wrap that will last the entirety. Every vehicle you add to your fleet will get you on average 20,000 impressions for just driving around. Our custom vehicle designers will make sure that you have an original and bespoke wrap rolling around and that your vehicles are truly a mobile billboard for all to see.