Boat and Marine Wraps

Marine wrapping is evolving marine painting into the next generation of the benchmark for must haves of boating equipment. 


Marine painting has been around much longer than vinyl wrapping and has provided a great long term solution for a boat's hull protection and appearance. In the 1980's boat wrapping became popularized due to the highly customizable graphics that provide a good medium for promotions, change the appearance and color as well as provide advertising and boat hull protection. 


A vinyl wrap is not only good for an improved look but also is a suitable alternative to painting a boat. If your boat is damaged, scuffed or outdated a wrap can provide a watertight seal and be a shield from the ocean waters. A boat's value is instantly restored from a proper vinyl wrap repair and installation. Barnacles can easily be removed as well without any lasting damage to the boat's base hull. At the end of a wrap's life, unlike a paint job that would need to be completely sanded and reapplied, clear coated and gel coated, a vinyl wrap is manufactured with a flexible substrate and strong lamination that provides protection for years to come. Once the wrap has lived its life it can easily be removed and replaced just as easily as removing an adhesive sticker.


In addition Vinyl Lab Wraps offers a full customization of boat numbers, tailored specifically to a marine vessel's legal registration for easy identification while on the water. This is one of the requirements for a boat's fishing equipment as without proper identification fishing would not be allowed. With properly applied and easily readable boat numbers, a water vessel is legally able to be operated in the state of Washington.


We offer additional boating equipment as well as customized signs to make your water vessel controls easily identifiable and help an owner provide clear directions for their guest while on board the vessel.


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